Set of 6 Star Cookie Cutters


With this set of 6 star cookie cutters your Little Cook will be able to create a beautiful cookie Christmas tree this festive season.

These cookie cutters come in various sizes, and when stacked one on top of the other create a magical tree.

The cutters will delight and keep your Little Cook entertained for hours.  There is no better way of creating Christmas traditions than by making cookies together at Christmas time.

For best results cut two or three biscuits of the same size and stack these together before decreasing in size.

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Set of 5 star cookie cutters creates a magical Christmas cookie tree. Each 5 pointed star is a different size and when stacked together form a Christmas tree.

Your Little Cook will be able to host a Christmas tree cookie decorating party in your kitchen.  Kids have so much fun cutting out cookies and decorating them too by adding their personal touch to the cookies.

These 5 plastic cookie cutters are easy to use and clean and come in different sizes.

The cookie cutters are made from plastic and should not be put in the dishwasher.


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