Kids Cooking Utensils

The Kids Cooking Utensils Your Little Cook Needs In The Kitchen

6 Essential Kids Cooking Utensils
Both cute and practical, The Little Cook has a range of mini children’s cooking equipment that is perfect for little hands. Here are six items your mini Masterchef can use to whip up some delicious meals. 

  • A mixing spoon. Every chef, big and small, needs a good mixing spoon with which to stir batters, sauces, and mixtures. The Little Cook stocks a range of silicone mixing spoons in a variety of colours that are easy to use and easy to clean. 
  • A whisk. Whether you’re cooking up scrambled eggs or making the batter for a tasty cake, this little stainless steel and silicone whisk is ideal for children. 
  • An egg flipper. How is your young chef supposed to flip eggs or pancakes without a little spatula? This fun little egg flipper is not only whimsical in design, but it also provides an extra opportunity for your child to practice fine motor skills. 
  • Measuring cups. These are universally handy and are fantastic for teaching your child measurements and quantities. The colourful cups are brilliant for helping your child identify the correct measurement, so you won’t be getting a cup of salt when the recipe called for a teaspoon. 
  • Tongs. Another excellent tool for allowing your child to practice fine motor skills; they can learn to safely turn food with their easy-to-use silicone and stainless steel tongs. 
  • Kids knives. Typically parents will do all the cutting for the kids when preparing food, leaving the little ones to stir, turn, or watch. However, slicing, dicing, and chopping are essential parts of food preparation, so your child should have the opportunity to learn. The KiddiKutter knife provides a safe option for your child to practice knife safety in the kitchen. 

Why KiddiKutter Knives Are The Best Kids Cooking Utensils You Can Buy

Kids cooking knives are such an essential piece of children’s cooking equipment; however, parents often won’t allow their children to handle knives for concern about their children’s safety. The younger children learn how to handle kitchen utensils, the safer they will be with them in later years. The most critical element of knife safety is early exposure. The KiddiKutter kids knives are a brilliant introduction to knife safety for small children. Here are a few of the benefits of KiddiKutter kids cooking knives

  • They give your kids independence in the kitchen, allowing them to learn all aspects of cooking from a young age. 
  • They have an easy-grip handle, meaning children can smoothly perform the sawing motion needed to cut with these knives. 
  • The stainless steel blade isn’t sharp and cuts using a sawing technique. It’s suitable for children three years and older. 
  • The KiddiKutter kids knives are made from stainless steel and BPA-free silicone, so they’re easy to clean and dishwasher safe. 

Why You Should Encourage Your Kids To Cook

There are several benefits to teaching your kids to cook from a young age. At The Little Cook, we believe a love for cooking should be fostered from a very young age. Here are a few reasons why you should encourage your kids to get creative in the kitchen. 

  • Their literacy, numeracy, and science skills will improve. If you provide a recipe for your children to follow, they will be encouraged to practice their reading skills. They can practice numeracy skills by measuring quantities and working out cooking times. Plus, mixing ingredients and the changing of food states will help you teach them the basic principles of chemistry!
  • Promotes healthy eating. If you can get your child excited to use their kids cooking utensils to create a healthy meal, they’ll be far more likely to eat it! If there are any foods the little ones are fussy about, have them cook a meal with that ingredient. It may just change their minds!
  • Allows for family time. There is no better way to bond with your children than by cooking with them! It gets them away from the screens and encourages you to put the phone down for a couple of hours. 
  • Teach lessons about culture. Encouraging your children to create meals from around the world allows them to experience other cultures from their kitchen. It will broaden their palette and enable them to appreciate different cultures very early on. 
  • Teach them a lifelong skill! Learning to cook is something that will benefit your children for the rest of their lives. The recipes you teach will stay with them and be passed on to their children, so start leaving your legacy today!

When You Need Kids Cooking Utensils, Head To The Little Cook

The Little Cook is an Australian business passionate about getting kids into cooking. We adore passing on our knowledge and love for cooking with our kids, so we provide a vast range of children’s cooking equipment so you can do the same with yours. We’re renowned for selling high-quality, safe, and easy-to-use kids cooking utensils, baking equipment, aprons and oven mitts and kids knives, and we love seeing the little ones in action. We value our customers greatly, so if there’s anything you can’t see on our online store, don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us. We’ll try our best to source it from one of our fantastic suppliers. Otherwise, have a browse online through The Little Cook’s extensive range of children’s cooking equipment today. We can’t wait to see what your little ones create!

As the great Julia Child once said, “No one is born a great cook, one learns by doing it,”. If your kids have taken an interest in cooking, there’s no better time to kindle their imagination and passion in the kitchen than when they are young. It’s these impressionable younger years where children learn the most, and an interest in cooking could develop into a lifelong love and talent for creating healthy, delicious meals. Before you get your children started, however, you’ll need to kit them out with some essential kids cooking utensils. After all, they can’t very well use adult-sized equipment with their tiny hands!

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