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An Australian site dedicated to Kids Cooking Couture!

  • Do your Kids LOVE to cook?
  • Want your kids to learn about nutritional foods AND fundamental life skills?
  • Need a unique and gift?

The Little Cook is here to help you with all kids cooking.

Cooking is fun, educational and a life skill. Your child can be the next masterchef. Simply involve them in cooking from a very early age. It can be as easy as stirring a cake mix or whisking an egg. 

Kids Cooking is easy when you look like a chef! We have some great kids chef aprons and chef hats to help your little one look the part.  We have everything you need when it comes to Kids Cooking.

-Chef Hats & Aprons
-Kids Bakeware
-Kids Disposable Aprons
-Cooking Party Gear
-Cook Books
Cooking kits PLUS MORE!

From a family with an ex-chef and a lover of baking- we can help your little ones look the part and form a love of cooking!